Leica 2010 Zeno 10 Demo (ea)

Leica 2010 Zeno 10 Demo (ea)

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Leica 2010 Zeno 10 Demo
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Leica 2010 Zeno 10 Demo Leica 2010 Zeno 10 Demo Leica 2010 Zeno 10 Demo

2010 Leica Zeno 10 Standard Package

Article Number: 771874
Serial Number: 1545821
Condition: Like-New
Manufactured: 2010
Background: Demo
Calibration: Included
Warranty: 60 days

High performance GNSS/GIS handhelds give you all the power you need. The perfect field tools for maintaining your GIS whether you are working for a utility company, local government, federal agency, or for anyone managing or mapping infrastructure or assets. Leica Zeno GIS series delivers the quality and reliability you can trust.

• IP67 and -30 to 60° C operation
• Combine GIS and Survey equipment

Delivering consistent sub-meter accuracy both real-time and post-processed. Leica Zeno 10 and Leica Zeno 15 handhelds combine a high-performance sub-meter GNSS sensor with a rugged handheld for anyone who needs accurate and reliable data even in the most demanding environments.

Combine with Leica Zeno SmartAntennas to achieve cm accuracy

• DGPS <0.4 m
• SBAS <1.2 m
• Post-processed sub-meter – decimeter

The optional docking station ensures quick, direct and easy access to the data you have measured in the field. Just plug in and field data is downloaded, post-processed and updated in Zeno Office, with just one simple click.

• Convenient wireless or wired data download & upload
• Optional fully integrated wireless technology (GSM/UMTS 3.5G and WLAN)
• Extend storage with SDHC cards

Package Includes:

• Leica Zeno 10 GNSS/GIS Handheld.
• GS05 GIS-GNSS cap
• Zeno Field
• CBC01 Lemo connector w/power jack
• Ruggedized WinCE field controller with full VGA touch display
• 1GB NAND flash memory
• CF/SD card slot
• 2MP camera
• Bluetooth
• numeric keypad & stylus
• GEV233 Data Transfer Cable for connecting CS10 to PC (USB A to USB mini)
• GHT61 Hand Strap for CS10 field controller with utility hook
• GVP643 Soft bag for CS10 field controller
• Leica Zeno 10 GNSS/GIS Handheld
• Leica Zeno Field OEM version of ArcPad 10
• GEB212 Li-ION battery

Included Software:
• Leica Zeno Field - OEM version of ArcPad 8 and provides in addition to the well known ArcPad™ functionality: GNSS raw data logging, real-time configurations, feature accuracy management and interface to Leica Zeno Office (Optional)
• Real-Time differential correction made easy
• Logging of raw data for post-processing to increase accuracy
State-of-the-art field mapping tools
• Integration of Laser Rangefinders
• Internet Explorer Mobile, File Explorer, Word Mobile, Microsoft Windows Media™ Player,
Camera Software, Online Help

View/Download Zeno 10 Datasheet
View/Download Zeno Field and Office Datasheet



Leica 2010 Zeno 10 Demo
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